Hi Dora! 
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you a picture of Sampson so you can see what a handsome guy he is. I would have liked a picture of him standing up but its not an easy picture to get. He's 17 weeks now and 43 lbs. He is such a good boy and has an excellent temperment. 

Christina L.

Dear Dora,
We would like to thank you for our  Gunner.  He is a great companion and family dog. He is very close with out 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter. He is very handsome and get complements where ever he goes.  We are extremely pleased with him and can tell he was raised with care and love before he came to us.  
Thank you for giving us such a loving, fun and intelligent dog. We will highly recommend you to any potential customers. 
The McCorry Family
Monroe , CT

Ghini x Axel - 7 months

Hello, this is Tyler and Trish Gold.  We purchased a female pup from you 9 months ago.  She is 95 pounds and doing great- we love her!! (Zuri is on the right)
Hi dora
We got the puppy home with no problems at the border,  and he has taken to our life quite nicely,  is training well with the crate,  and an all around happy boy,  thanks for breeding such great puppies,  you know your stuff,  thanks for everything,  will send you pictures as he grows.  Have a great day!!!!
June Lindenfield 
Toronto ON M5V 1S7

Nice pup, everyone loves him!!. Thinks he owns the house, very outgoing should of called him "The Mayor".lol, Zoey is great with him and took him under her wing, no food aggression between the dogs..working out great. Didn't get home till 10:15pm but they were both great in the car. Thanks again

West Babylon, NY 
Doug Dombroski

Behr now has all of his single points and only needs his majors to finish his AKC Championship! We are so very proud of him. 
Hi Dora,

Just wanted to check in and let you know that Payton continues to be the love of our lives. She is growing so fast we can barely keep up! Attached is a picture from Thanksgiving; we brought Payton back to Philadelphia, where I'm from, and she quickly made believers out of my family, who were somewhat skeptical. The girls I nanny for hope to see her everyday and she's a celebrity in our building. She has been making friends left and right and seems to be friendly towards every man, woman, child, and dog she encounters. We are looking forward to growing with her, and having her in our lives for many years to come. We can't thank you enough!


Lindsay and Phil
Brooklyn, NY

This is what I grew up to be!  Ajscha x Dionys son
Hi Dora,

I am sorry it has taken me SO long to send you pictures of Zooker!!  I got her on 11/11/10 and she has been the love of my life since day 1.  She is the friendliest, happiest, most wonderful dog I have ever seen!  She loves other dogs & all other people and I commend you for the effort you put into your puppies to make them so socialized.  Please feel free to share my comments with your future clients, since she is my second rottweiler, I tend to have some knowledge of the breed and this one is something special.  I hope all is well w/you & that you and your family have a great summer.

Deb Erdner
Boston, MA

Hey Dora,
We just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Armin.  He is doing wonderful!!!!  He usually goes to the door and whinnes to go out or goes to the shoes by the door to go out. He also usually comes when called and sits (usually).  He went to the vets for the first time and everyone loved him (of course).  The vet (who is from Buffalo as well as the vet tech) loved him, said he was healthy, will have a nice head and body, and was a keeper.  He weighed 12 pounds and was worm free.
Thanks again for breeding a wonderful smart puppy.
Hi Dora!
Hope all is well with you.  Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with Ziva.  She is smart and extremely loving.  She is always looking to please.  I can't remember when I've been this happy with a puppy.  She has got to be the best Rottie I think we've ever owned!  Can't wait to come back and purchase my second Rottie from you!
Here are some pics taken a couple weeks ago.
Take care, 
Linda & Tim Warren

Rolo is doing fabulously!! He is a real gem.  We take off leash hikes regularly.  The picture I attached is from today's hike in Highland Forest in Fabius.  He is in the middle of his AKC STAR Puppy Class which he is just acing.  He is so well behaved as a matter of fact, I have decided to start his career off with Therapy Dog work.  He starts this Friday as Vera House's sole therapy dog in it's shelters for domestic violence/sexual abuse victims (women and children only)!  We were recommended by the Clinical Director to the Shelter Director after she had a number of face-to-face meetings with Rolo herself.  I have had the pleasure of a long association with this group and worked with them in my capacity as RN Case Manager when I worked with children with sexual abuse issues, just a great group of people doing incredible work.  So, Rolo will now be a part AND I might add he is the first dog under a year I have ever dared to take on as a therapy dog. He is on the road to doing great things Dora!!   You bred an incredible puppy...truly.

Liz Quinlan
Syracuse, NY

Hi Dora
Happy New Year, Hope all is well
I did send the papers for Neo back several weeks ago and wanted to make sure you had recieved them
I also wanted to send a few pics along

My 6 year old son was bitten on the face by a french mastiff February 2011 and had 83 stitches.  We have always owned Rotties and i had hoped a new puppy would be the best therapy for him.
Neo has proven to be the best thing that could have ever happened to him...they are best friends, and brothers. His gentle manner with him and constant companionship has helped my son, love and trust dogs again. I have 3 sons, and he is wonderful with all of them, but these 2 share a special bond...I have attached some pictures, so you can see how he is doing.
He is healthy, happy and part of the family!  He has the beautiful coat i have ever seen or felt on a Rottie.  
He is now 5 months, super smart, easy to train and well behaved. Socialized well and just the biggest mush
So Sebastian says thanks for his new best friend....we would love to get a female if you breed Ledy and Amos again
Hope all is well 

Hi Dora Just writing to give you an update on Ripley. She is an incredible dog we are so happy to have her in our lives. Every where we go she is the hit of the party. Thanks again we couldn't be happier. Hope all we well with you and yours and your holidays were wonderful.
                       Trisha & Brett Simmers



Hi Dora,. Lycan is very smart and loveable. He is doing awesome potty training. We ordered his vitamins and he's on his puppy food pro plan. But the question i had is can you mix real cooked chicken with is meals three times a day or is it better just to feed him his puppy food. Thanks. and my baby loves the water. His bath and he loves to try and get in the bath tub with me. He is so cool. Thank you Lori


Just wanted to drop you a quick note about our new addition. From the moment we picked her up at the airport I have been thoroughly amazed at the temperament and demeanor of our new pup. These past two weeks have been an absolute joy because she is the most love able and intelligent puppy I have ever had, not that my expectations were low since I love this breed. She has bonded with everyone in the house very nicely. Not to mention that she has already amazed my wife because she displayed her sense of protection by barking at a few people who she did not seen to like! Looking forward to getting her/us into obedience training in the next few weeks.

We will be in touch soon with more updates and you can add us to the list of happy World Class Rottweiler owners!

Have a Great Day!

Chris and Gabby G in Claymont, DE

Here is Macho loving his new home in Whitesboro NY with his new best buddy! (no not the skunk!)
Hi Dora!
Not sure if you remember me- I was your anxious, impatient customer who couldn't wait to take home my puppy. (1yr old photo attached-His parents are Amos and Ajscha) He is incredibly loyal and protective- literally never leaving my side!! We have a very busy house, 6 kids, and he is so laid back.
  So, I may be interested in another pup in the spring!! Do you have any idea who you will be breeding after Amos and Ajscha? ( impatient as ever!)
Thank you!!
Paula Sinnott

I just wanted to give you an update on our male puppy Angus he is the son of Amos.
We love him so much he has been nothing short of perfect : ) he has house broken in 4 weeks I went through puppy one classes 
and he finished at the top of his class!! He is such a smart dog I personally have never owned a dog on this level of smarts so for me this 
is awesome, besides all the basic things that he does including stay for a very long time he backs up right across the floor and he crawls : ) it is so cute'
We love working with him so he will now be going into confirmation classes for AKC but bottom line is he is just an amazing and healthy boy!! My vets love him they say he is absolutely perfect!! So I just want to thank you so much for breeding such wonderful temperamented dogs.
Wanted to share my favorite photo of him he is 5 months old and 63 lbs.
Much Love Sandy,Roland and of course Angus Breton 

Angus lives in New Hampshire

This is Mazie in her new home in Illinois. She is one lucky girl with all these beautiful young ladies to love her! Check back soon for updates !!
Hi Dora, here is a the latest picture of Raegan.  She is the BEST dog we have ever had. 

What a beauty !!  I will send more as I take them… 




Best. Puppy. EVER! Oh my Gosh, Dora! He is so wonderful! Playful but gentle, and ever so sweet. I have never, ever, EVER had a puppy as smart and easy to train! Thank you, thank you, a million times over, THANK YOU, for picking out such a perfect addition to our family! I'm really glad that we did some homework ahead of time with the Leerburg website, because we are employing some of their training techniques for establishing pack structure, crate training, etc., and he is a superstar! I don't know what you do, but you sure do own and breed some truly exceptional animals!

Kindest regards,
Jessica Johnston
Just dropping by to let you know that we made it home yesterday. She was a good girl on the plane but she was very happy to get out of the carrier bag lol. She was a real Show stopper in the airport. My family is in love with her. I attached a photo with my daughter from earlier today and ill send pictures periodically to show her progress.

M. Caggiano
Lula with her new friend in NY, NY
Our baby loves his baby! so precious together!!!
Just wanted to tell you, Nick had a great first night at his new home!

We got home around 10:15 an hour later than what we had planned on paper, (Nick had a few extra stops on the trip) Ha!Ha!

He slept most of the ride, and was a perfect little puppy every time we stopped.

We stopped in Canterbury NH where our daughter lives. He loved meeting her and her fiancé. ( they were engaged May 1 2014)

They own two beautiful Boxers(Female). Nick will meet them later one at a time.


He cried for an hour in his crate, when it was time for bed. We gave him his blanket ,kong chew toy, and sounds of the Ocean music. 

He drifted off shortly after, and didn’t wake till 6:45 Am


Like I said a Wonderful Little Guy!!!

We adore him.


Our whole experience with you has been Wonderful, and we Thank, You, for that!!!

We will send updated pictures Soon.


Again, Thank You so much for everything,

Lorry and John MacLennan

Stella and her new sister, Pearl - The Ames Family, MA - they are real...not statues !!
Timber's first day on the new job!! 

owned by the Palmisano family in Rochester NY
Hi Dora -
Thought I'd send a couple pics and a quick video of Lula - she is such a great dog !
Very mellow and a total sweetheart!

Love this dog.... She's my sons best friend, and we couldn't be happier she so loving protective and extremely play full. Thanks Dora for this addition to our family we couldn't imagine having any other dog. 
Thank you, The Stenshorn's
Dora. I just wanted to let you know she did great on the ride home.. She slept in the crate and did not cry all night she also did her business as soon as I took her out this morning... No accidents! I am very happy. Just ordered the vitamins and made the vet app for next Friday... Just one question, I signed her up for puppy classes and they start Friday, do you think is safe to do that or should I wait?
The Vargas Family
Rhode Island
We have her and are driving home! She is beautiful and we could not be happier! I'll send you some pics when we get home this evening. Thank you so much! Look forward to picking out our boy soon as well!
Thank You
Jonesborough TN